Cloud.typography User Guide

Choosing Fonts

How to select which type of font to use.

Understanding Web fonts

The Hoefler&Co collection includes both Multipurpose and ScreenSmart fonts, each of which plays a different role in web design.

Multipurpose fonts — for headline sizes

Originally designed for print, Multipurpose fonts render beautifully on screen at large sizes. Each font’s ideal size range is determined by its complexity: some Multipurpose fonts work as small as 18 pixels, but fonts with extreme weights or proportions are best saved for much larger sizes.

ScreenSmart fonts — for text sizes

ScreenSmart fonts are specifically built for the screen, to perform at sizes from 9–18 pixels. Their forms are adapted to anticipate the effects of coarse pixel grids, and their styles are adjusted to ensure that each weight is appreciably different from the other members of the family. On Windows, where other web fonts are at their weakest, ScreenSmart fonts contain additional engineering that helps them render with special clarity and precision. For best results across all platforms, always use ScreenSmart fonts when setting text at small sizes.

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