Cloud.typography User Guide

What’s Included

A $99 subscription to Cloud.typography includes everything you need to get started using web fonts.


When you become a Cloud.typography subscriber, you’ll get access to the entire library of H&Co fonts for the web, including all new fonts that are released while you’re still a subscriber.


A Cloud.typography project is a set of web fonts delivered to a list of domains. Your subscription lets you use the fonts in your library to build as many projects as you like, up to ten of which can be active at any one time. You can add an additional five projects to your subscription for just $1 per month, up to a total of 50 projects.


While you’re finessing your site’s typography, you’ll be able to use Cloud.typography’s Development Mode to serve your projects without running down your monthly pageviews. Every Cloud.typography subscription includes one gigabyte of development bandwidth per month — more than enough for most development teams, since web fonts are delivered once to each visitor, and cached for thirty days. If you need more development bandwidth, you can upgrade your subscription to as much as 50gb/month, at $1.99/gb per month.


As soon as you’ve settled on your typographic palette, move your project into Production Mode, which allows you to serve the font files directly from your own server infrastructure. Cloud.typography subscriptions begin at $99 per year for 250,000 pageviews per month, and can be upgraded online to as many as 20 million monthly pageviews. Cloud.typography can scale infinitely, and Hoefler&Co can arrange service for deployments of any size, so please contact us if your projected traffic exceeds 20 million pageviews per month.


Your one-year Cloud.typography subscription begins on the day you purchase it, and on this date each month, your balance of pageviews and bandwidth will reset. To ensure that your service continues without interruption, subscriptions are set to automatically renew ten days before their anniversary. We’ll remind you of this by email 30 days before your subscription renews, in case you want to change or cancel your service.


You can upgrade your subscription at any time to include more pageviews, more development bandwidth, or more projects. Upgrades take effect immediately, applying to the current month and each remaining month in your term. Any downgrades you make will apply to your subscription when it renews at the end of the year.


If you decide that Cloud.typography’s not for you, you can cancel it at any time. You can cancel your service and stop serving its fonts immediately, or let your subscription lapse at the end of its term without renewing. When a subscription ends, projects are deactivated, but not deleted, so they can always be restored should you decide to restart your service.


Important service notifications are sent to the email address that you use to log in to To ensure that we can alert you to anything that might affect your service, we don’t offer the ability to opt out of these automated notices. But you can unsubscribe from our promotional emails if you like, from either your account page or using the “unsubscribe” link in the footer of any email.

Your project exceeds the 1,000k limit, so your changes have not been saved.

Try adding fewer fonts, fewer styles, or configuring the fonts with fewer features.