Cloud.typography User Guide


This guide will get you started with Cloud.typography, the web font solution for design professionals.

The Service

Cloud.typography is a service that brings the entire library of high-quality Hoefler&Co web fonts to your websites. Managed entirely in the browser, it leverages the power of an intelligent cloud application, distributed across the Akamai network, to connect your site’s visitors with exactly the web fonts their browsers need. Cloud.typography takes the guesswork out of web fonts, relieving you from having to worry about formats and file types — and the ever-changing needs of browsers and platforms — so that you can focus on design. As a 100% server-side solution that doesn’t use JavaScript or cookies, Cloud.typography is quick, dependable, and easy to implement: add a single line of code to your HTML, ask for the fonts by name in your site’s own stylesheets, and you’re off and running.

Getting Started

This guide will help you get started with your Cloud.typography subscription: you’ll pick fonts, build your first project, and integrate the service into your site. We’ll introduce you to ScreenSmart® fonts, specially designed and engineered for web text, and show you how to use the Development & Production modes to keep your projects both nimble and cost-effective. This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of how to build websites, as well as a developer’s basic toolkit: you’ll need your favorite text editor, an FTP client, and access to your webserver. You’ll also need to have purchased a Cloud.typography subscription, and to have added at least one font to your library before you begin.

Your project exceeds the 1,000k limit, so your changes have not been saved.

Try adding fewer fonts, fewer styles, or configuring the fonts with fewer features.